This Won’t Hurt a Bit tattoo art show at Wootini

Tucked discreetly among the home wares, trinkets and confectionaries of the boutique gift shop routine, Wootini kind of sneaks up on you. This art gallery and shop focuses on the Pop Pluralism movement, curating fresh, original work from local and national artists and also stocking a small, varied collection of books, clothing, designer vinyl figures and other toys.

Wootini storefront

Wootini’s latest show, This Won’t Hurt a Bit showcases rich iconography, dense decoration, inventive color explosions and carefully controlled brushwork. The show will be on display November 14th until December 8th.

Featured Artists include: Cory Rogers, Krooked Ken, Murray Sell, Glenn Wilson, Teddy Safarian, Matt Brotka, Paulie Andrews, Annie Frenze, Joe Lathe, Christian Beckman, Lana Wingo, and more.

tiger and dragon

Most of the show’s works adeptly maneuver the grounds of traditional tattoo style and iconography. There is also a persistent thread of conceptual invention throughout the works. Skulls are re-imagined with lacy Day of the Dead patterns, layered with imagery reminiscent of medical textbooks or even forged from the bodies of beautiful tattooed women. Artists skillfully pile eagles, blades, banners and dragons into unique configurations.


The art also thrives in its presentation and its translation from skin to paper. Subtly toothed paper boasts smooth decadent gradients, and metallic pigments quietly shimmer. Line work is confident and steady while also confessing the variance of a human hand. In a few instances, carefully chosen frames further distinguish works as exotic objects.

Thumbs up to Wootini for fusing commerce, imagination and artistry. This shop is definitely one of my favorite Triangle haunts. I look forward to their next show.

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  1. Emily Henderson Says:

    Here are a couple of detail shots from the show.
    panther head detail
    panther foot detail

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